monLunch12:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Dinner5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
tueLunch12:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Dinner5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
wedLunch12:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Dinner5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
thuLunch12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Dinner5:00 pm - 8:45 pm
friLunch12:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Dinner5:00 pm - 8:45 pm
satLunch12:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Dinner5:00 pm - 8:45 pm
sunLunch12:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Dinner5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Function Room 2

Opening hours are the same as Bistro.

Members Bar

26/5/2019please call
27/5/2019please call
28/5/2019please call
29/5/2019please call
30/5/2019please call
31/5/2019please call
1/6/2019please call
2/6/2019please call
3/6/2019please call
4/6/2019please call
5/6/2019please call
6/6/2019please call
7/6/2019please call
8/6/2019please call
9/6/2019please call
10/6/2019please call
11/6/2019please call
12/6/2019please call
13/6/2019please call
14/6/2019please call
15/6/2019please call
16/6/2019please call
17/6/2019please call
18/6/2019please call
19/6/2019please call
20/6/2019please call
21/6/2019please call
22/6/2019please call
23/6/2019please call
24/6/2019please call
25/6/2019please call
26/6/2019please call
27/6/2019please call
28/6/2019please call
29/6/2019please call
30/6/2019please call
1/7/2019please call
2/7/2019please call
3/7/2019please call
4/7/2019please call
5/7/2019please call
6/7/2019please call
7/7/2019please call
8/7/2019please call
9/7/2019please call
10/7/2019please call
11/7/2019please call
12/7/2019please call
13/7/2019please call
14/7/2019please call
15/7/2019please call
16/7/2019please call
17/7/2019please call
18/7/2019please call
19/7/2019please call
20/7/2019please call
21/7/2019please call
22/7/2019please call
23/7/2019please call
24/7/2019please call
25/7/2019please call
26/7/2019please call
27/7/2019please call
28/7/2019please call
29/7/2019please call
30/7/2019please call
31/7/2019please call
1/8/2019please call
2/8/2019please call
3/8/2019please call
4/8/2019please call
5/8/2019please call
6/8/2019please call
7/8/2019please call
8/8/2019please call
9/8/2019please call
10/8/2019please call
11/8/2019please call
12/8/2019please call
13/8/2019please call
14/8/2019please call
15/8/2019please call
16/8/2019please call
17/8/2019please call
18/8/2019please call
19/8/2019please call
20/8/2019please call
21/8/2019please call
22/8/2019please call
23/8/2019please call
24/8/2019please call
25/8/2019please call
26/8/2019please call
27/8/2019please call
28/8/2019please call
29/8/2019please call
30/8/2019please call
31/8/2019please call
1/9/2019please call
2/9/2019please call
3/9/2019please call
4/9/2019please call
5/9/2019please call
6/9/2019please call
7/9/2019please call
8/9/2019please call
9/9/2019please call
10/9/2019please call
11/9/2019please call
12/9/2019please call
13/9/2019please call
14/9/2019please call
15/9/2019please call
16/9/2019please call
17/9/2019please call
18/9/2019please call
19/9/2019please call
20/9/2019please call
21/9/2019please call
22/9/2019please call
23/9/2019please call
24/9/2019please call
25/9/2019please call
26/9/2019please call
27/9/2019please call
28/9/2019please call
29/9/2019please call
30/9/2019please call
1/10/2019please call
2/10/2019please call
3/10/2019please call
4/10/2019please call
5/10/2019please call
6/10/2019please call
7/10/2019please call
8/10/2019please call
9/10/2019please call
10/10/2019please call
11/10/2019please call
12/10/2019please call
13/10/2019please call
14/10/2019please call
15/10/2019please call
16/10/2019please call
17/10/2019please call
18/10/2019please call
19/10/2019please call
20/10/2019please call
21/10/2019please call
22/10/2019please call
23/10/2019please call
24/10/2019please call
25/10/2019please call
26/10/2019please call
27/10/2019please call
28/10/2019please call
29/10/2019please call
30/10/2019please call
31/10/2019please call
1/11/2019please call
2/11/2019please call
3/11/2019please call
4/11/2019please call
5/11/2019please call
6/11/2019please call
7/11/2019please call
8/11/2019please call
9/11/2019please call
10/11/2019please call
11/11/2019please call
12/11/2019please call
13/11/2019please call
14/11/2019please call
15/11/2019please call
16/11/2019please call
17/11/2019please call
18/11/2019please call
19/11/2019please call
20/11/2019please call
21/11/2019please call
22/11/2019please call
23/11/2019please call
24/11/2019please call
25/11/2019please call
26/11/2019please call
27/11/2019please call
28/11/2019please call
29/11/2019please call
30/11/2019please call
1/12/2019please call
2/12/2019please call
3/12/2019please call
4/12/2019please call
5/12/2019please call
6/12/2019please call
7/12/2019please call
8/12/2019please call
9/12/2019please call
10/12/2019please call
11/12/2019please call
12/12/2019please call
13/12/2019please call
14/12/2019please call
15/12/2019please call
16/12/2019please call
17/12/2019please call
18/12/2019please call
19/12/2019please call
20/12/2019please call
21/12/2019please call
22/12/2019please call
23/12/2019please call
24/12/2019please call
25/12/2019please call
26/12/2019please call
27/12/2019please call
28/12/2019please call
29/12/2019please call
30/12/2019please call
31/12/2019please call
1/1/2020please call


Opening hours are the same as Bistro.

Courtesy Bus

thuCourtesy Busclosed